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Just Say No to Apples to Apples

By September 27, 2016October 6th, 2020Insurance

Apples to applesWe live in a microwave society. The answers are only a click or a Google  search away to finding out what that strange rash is  on your arm. Information is immediate. This is a blessing. The general consumer can do their homework before buying and even make that purchase from the comfort of their own home. This is also a curse.  I myself am guilty of going to the doctor after self diagnosing myself via Google or Web MD, positive that I am correct, just to find out the doctor is much better qualified.

We hear the term “apples to apples” a lot in the insurance industry. Customers call up and say, “I just want an apples to apples quote.” I have to be honest, every time I hear that phrase I cringe inside. Fun fact: there are 7,500 different kinds of apples.  With that many apples, which ones are we comparing? Price? Coverage? Companies?  If you’re interested in comparing price, “apples to apples” is one type of an approach. But if I, as the agent, fail to educate you on exactly what you’re buying, how do you know if it’s truly apples to apples? If you’re only interested in price, be wary. You may get a better price, but you probably won’t like the coverage you get when you need it.  Requesting apples to apples comparison eliminates an insurance agent’s ability to provide you with a comprehensive insurance policy that mitigates exposure to loss. While having a competitively priced policy is important, it is also important to realize that the insurance policy you are purchasing is protecting your most precious assets. Whether that asset is your home, your brand new car or your business, it is important that a full evaluation of your insurance policy is performed to make sure that the proper coverage is in place.

There is such a thing as pointless insurance. If you’re going to pay for something that when it’s needed covers nothing, what’s the point? On the other hand, there is such a thing as having too much insurance–the average Joe doesn’t need a $10 million umbrella policy. It’s important to work with a licensed, knowledgeable insurance professional that can customize a plan specifically for the individual within the budget. By doing this, not only is the price point set, but you’re covered in the areas that are important to you and your family.

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