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Insuring Your Restaurant

By November 21, 2014October 6th, 2020Insurance

Restaurant OwnersRunning a restaurant is no easy feat, with an assortment of employees to manage, patrons to please and long hours of operation. With so many facets of restaurant ownership, it’s hard to oversee everything at all times, which can leave your business open to vulnerabilities. Not to mention, natural disasters and criminal activity pose a threat to all businesses. In order to protect your business, consider purchasing a restaurant insurance policy that is custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Restaurant insurance covers some of the basic coverages included in all business insurance policies, such as:

  • General liability: Covers expenses associated with patrons who experience bodily injury or property damage while visiting your restaurant or as a direct result of your employees or services.
  • Property: Protects the building structure, kitchen equipment and appliances, furniture, décor and other contents (up to policy limits) from damage and theft

In addition to these basic coverages, you can select various other coverages to protect the interests of your restaurant, such as:

  • Food contamination: Covers expenses associated with the medical and legal consequences of serving food that makes patrons ill.
  • Liquor liability: Covers expenses associated with the damages caused by intoxicated patrons, including damages caused by a drunken patron you’ve allowed to leave the premises.
  • Assault and battery: Covers expenses associated with fights on premises, whether patrons and/or employees are drunk or sober at the time of the fight.
  • Auto/valet liability: Covers expenses associated with patrons’ cars becoming damaged while temporarily in valet possession.
  • Hired/non-owned vehicle liability: Provides a form of auto coverage for employee-owned cars that are used for business purposes, such as making deliveries.

Your independent insurance agent is there to help assess you needs and build an appropriate policy that will protect your restaurant for years to come.

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