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The Value of an Independent Agent (VIDEO)

By December 8, 2014October 6th, 2020Insurance

Independent insurance brokers work with many insurance providers and can shop for the best coverage at the best prices to find a real deal for their customers. And, instead of being loyal to the insurance company, a broker looks out for his customers and lets them know when a better policy or a better price is available.

An independent insurance agent is, in essence, your employee. We work for you to obtain the best coverage with reputable companies at the best possible cost.

Next time you are going over your Oklahoma City insurance needs call an independent agent, like ECI Insurance. We will review the coverage you have and suggest the coverage you need while explaining it all to you.  We can assist you in working with multiple insurance companies and developing premium due dates that are more manageable for you. In addition, we can help you set up automated bill payments. Just give us a call at ECI Agency today and start taking control of your insurance coverage.