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3 Car Maintenance Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Brakes

By March 27, 2019October 6th, 2020Insurance

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The brakes on your car are the most vital component of it. How well they work determines just how safe you are as a driver. You want to keep yourself and your passengers safe while operating a car. Doing so can help you avoid auto insurance claims for accidents. Yet, many people overlook the importance of proper brake maintenance. Could this help you to reduce your car insurance claims? Here is what you should now.

Why Maintenance Matters

Maintenance ensures your vehicle can continue to work long term. When you maintain the car according to the requirements of your manufacturer, you can get a longer life out of the car. It also is likely to reduce the safety risks associated with your vehicle. Also, maintenance protects the value of your car. Here are three things to do to ensure your brakes are in good condition.

#1: Have Them Checked with Every Oil Change

Most vehicles require an oil change every three to five months. A part of that process involves raising your vehicle off the ground. Your technician has the time and the ability to check your brakes. Have them do so. It takes only a few minutes. It may cost only a few extra dollars, though in many cases it is free. Yet, it always gives you peace of mind.

#2: Replace Them with the Same Product

When it is time to replace your brakes, be sure to buy high-quality and long-lasting products. That is important for several reasons. For example, your warranty may rely on your use of authentic parts and components. You also need to be sure the technician you use has the proper certifications. This can help to protect you from mistakes.

#3: Change Them as Soon as Possible

Operating your vehicle means you are using your brakes. The way you operate it determines the quality and condition of your brakes. The more you press on the brake or, the harder you have to stop, the more wear and tear builds up. Work with your technician to learn when the condition of the brakes is too bad. Then, change them out right away. Do not wait to get your brakes replaced.

With these simple steps, it is possible to keep your vehicle’s brake system working at its best. That can help reduce risks to you and your drivers. Be sure to check with your Oklahoma City auto insurance agent about the type of coverage you have. That can help you know your vehicle has protection should those brakes fail you.