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3 Kinds of Insurance You’ll Need If Playing Pokemon Go!

By July 22, 2016October 6th, 2020Insurance

Pokemon GoIf you have haven’t heard of the craze that is Pokemon Go then chances that you live under a rock are 100 to none. In the first few weeks of being released, parks have been overrun with people glued to their phone trying to catch them all—all being the animated creatures that can be hunted virtually via the Pokemon Go app. The premise of the game is to catch as many Pokemon as possible while also getting out and exercising. It has taken the world by storm and become an overnight cultural sensation. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go has also spawned unintended consequences such as property damage, trespassing, and injuries galore. Common sense is always best, but if for some reason that fails, make sure you’re protected with the top three insurance products that may help you out.

  1. Homeowners and Renters Insurance – While you’re out and about tracking down the ever elusive Pikachu, have some peace of mind if a thief breaks into your home. If you accidentally trample someone else’s flowerbed while hot to trot on your quest to catch a Jigglypuff (or a fellow player is injured in your home and files a lawsuit) most homeowners and renters policies have coverage in the event that you cause damage to another person’s property as well as liability if any accidents on your own property occurs. You may have seen in the news where muggers had robbed a group playing. If someone runs off with your new iPhone it’d sure be nice if you had cellphone insurance—though it may not reimburse you for all the Pokemon you lost.
  2. Auto InsuranceHit while hunting Snorlax? Auto liability can help with that. Depending on who is at fault most policies will allow an injured party to file a claim again the responsible party’s auto liability insurance. With so many peoples’ noses in their phone and a new desire to catch the Clefairy in the middle of busy intersections, now is an excellent time to review your coverages. Oklahoma’s minimum liability limit is $25,000 which will not go very far with hospital bills.
  3. Identity Theft and Cyber Liability – It’s called Pokemon Go but sometimes it becomes literal. With PokeStops attracting swarms of people paying half attention, thieves have found easy targets. If thieves do make off with your information, many insurers build in identity theft as part of homeowners, renters, or stand alone policies. This insurance would reimburse victims for the cost of restoring their identity, repair credit, and related expenses.

Pokemon Go is fun, but as with everything, it’s important to use your brain. Don’t walk out in traffic, don’t drive and play, and don’t wander into an unsafe area. No Pokemon is worth it…except maybe MewTwo.