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4 Winter Health and Wellness Tips

By December 29, 2017October 6th, 2020Insurance

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It’s a cold time of year, and if you’re like us, you’re probably concerned about getting sick. For so many people, winter equals cold and flu season. No one wants to get sick, simply because of the inconvenience and unpleasantness of such an experience.

As we will likely see an increase in cases of influenza, the common cold and other illnesses, preventing the spread of illness is very important. With the right attention to detail, you can keep your risks of getting sick this year low.

1. Get a Flu Shot and a Checkup

The annual flu vaccine is an important safety guard for many Americans. It drastically reduces your chances of getting the flu—an illness that might become life-threatening if not treated properly. Even if you have never had the flu before, you still need a flu shot.

Also, by having an annual checkup, you can often find out if you have small problems that need attention. If you don’t take care of your health, you might lower your resistance to disease. This could increase your risks of getting sick. Therefore, by seeing your doctor regularly, you might be able to avoid heightened exposure to illness.

The good news is, if you have health insurance, you can often receive vaccines, checkups and other health services at very affordable costs. You often only have to pay a small co-payment or deductible for these services. Some of them you might even be able to get for free. Talk to your insurer about how your specific plan covers physicals and vaccines.

2. Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness

Clean, sterile environments often help ward off disease. Therefore, you should always maintain a clean living and working environment. Furthermore, this rule also extends to your personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and blow your nose into a disposable tissue. If you keep yourself clean, you can often help keep germs away.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

If you don’t eat a healthy diet, you might make yourself more susceptible to illness. Following a nutritionally-balanced diet can help you make sure you have the right vitamin and mineral intake to support your immune system. Furthermore, regular exercise can also help you build your overall wellness and endurance.

4. Keep Warm

Exposure to cold can often raise a person’s risk of getting sick. Therefore, make sure you keep warm this winter. You shouldn’t let your core body temperature drop too low. Layer your clothing, use a heater and try to avoid prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures.

Remember, one of the best ways to avoid illness is to avoid exposure to germs. If you or someone close to you gets sick, take your time to get well and avoid being around other people. When you need it, your health insurance can assist you in getting the proper care. 

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