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Bainswest Inc. Named 15th Largest Agency Partnership of 2014

By September 16, 2015October 6th, 2020Insurance

This past Sunday night was the equivalent of the super bowl in our house. Some call it a beauty pageant, but after growing up in house where my mother was a coordinator for one of these events, we call it a scholarship program. All the hard work pays off for these girls when the cameras are rolling and the big top 15 are called. The top 15 out of 50 girls is something to celebrate and we feel the same way. That’s why when we were recently named the top 15 partnerships in the entire nation, we were pretty proud too.

Competition in business goes together like cheese goes with macaroni. On the insurance side of it, if it’s not two companies competing for the best competitive rates, it may be two agents targeting the same account. Competition is just a daily occurrence in this world.  While the competition is fierce, we’ve also learned some important lessons along the way, one being, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ 

It’s amazing what can happen when 26 agencies come together and put all the tools that have made each on their own successful and combine it.  I always have a mental image of when the power rangers would combine all their weapons and the ultimate warrior would be born. With 26 agencies partnering together to create Bainswest, not only do we have more tools at our fingertips, but it’s a constant resource to grow and learn. While we are a large partnership, the backbone of the Bainswest is making it personal. We understand that insurance is personal for you, therefore, it’s personal for us. The purpose of our partnership is to keep each of our agencies local identities, while gaining the power and tools needed to be successful in a bigger game. Our biggest pride is that with these kinds of resources, the word “no” suddenly disappears from our vocabulary. The experience of the group includes aviation, public entities, schools, medical professional liability and employee benefits, just to name a few. This is possible in fact to our lasting relationships with nearly all the national and regional carriers that are offered.

People are people at the end of the day, not just insureds or another account to check off. Through the years, we’ve learned that hard work and the customer will always come first. With Bainswest as our backbone, this will always be the case. Learn more about Bainswest Inc. here