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Detangling Insurance after Separation or Divorce

By July 22, 2015October 6th, 2020Insurance

There are few things in life that are more emotionally tolling and draining than going through a divorce and separation process. Emotions are heightened, nerves are on end, and feelings are raw. As you begin to untangle your finances, this may be the right time to untangle insurance ties when it comes to your personal auto and homeowner’s policy as well.

Auto insurance

The process of breaking up and obtaining your own separate insurance policies can come with downfalls. Often, being classified as being married or in a domestic partnership can provide a 5% or even 10% discount. You may lose those discounts, but if you are still living under the same roof, you may be able to keep it all under one policy while living together. If you are going with separate policies, it is important to know that most companies will want the car to be insured under whom the car is registered to. If children of driving age are involved, many companies will require the spouse that has them the majority of the time to have them under their policy. It is important to check with each individual company. They all have their own rules and guidelines to be met.

Property/Homeowners Insurance

If you or your partner moves out or a way, its important to endorse your policy to reflect that. Remember that buying insurance is a legally binding contract and companies will want notice if the details are no longer correct. Some companies will require the policy to be rewritten since you and your spouse were named insureds on the policy, others will let you remove one of the named insureds names and continue on with the current policy. If you end up in a rental home, it’s important to purchase rental insurance to cover your personal property and have some liability.

Remember, each company is different, so it’s important to check with your agent and let them customize and walk you through the process. If you have questions about your insurance, ECI is always here.
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