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Get Treats Not Tricks This Halloween

By October 30, 2018October 6th, 2020Insurance

Jack O'Lantern LightsCan I make a confession to you? I’ve never dressed up for Halloween. Often times when I tell people this they think I’m crazy, but let’s be honest, they’re the one dressing up in a crazy costume. In our house my mom would buy one bag of candy and we’d sit on the couch and watch Batman or Hocus Pocus. When I was in high school one Halloween was particularly memorable. While we were inside watching a movie some kids were outside toilet papering the house…they didn’t just toilet paper it, we got destroyed. They used forks and shredded paper and put fruity pebbles in the dewy grass. Have you ever wanted tie-dye grass? Well we had it. It was a mess needless to say, but that’s not as scary as other Halloween exposures. Did you know that on Halloween the amount of home and auto insurance claims skyrocket? Before the little monsters show up make sure you’re protected against any tricks or treats that may pop up.

1. Ghosts or Goblins Redecorate Your Yard

We know that little goblins just can’t help themselves when it comes to TP-ing a yard or even taking it a step farther.

How insurance can help: Typically your homeowners policy will kick in. If you’re making a claim, call your agent before cleaning up and take pictures. Insurance usually won’t pay to clean up the mess, but will pay if any major damage occurs subject to whatever your deductible is. 

2. That Guy In a Chicken Suit Eggs The Car

Did you know that auto claims go up by 17% on Halloween? What’s usually the culprit? Raw eggs, pumpkins and rocks are all common projectiles.

How insurance can help: If your car suffers damage your insurance may help. If you have comprehensive coverage this will pay to fix damage to your vehicle like a broken window or dented hood. Just remember there is usually a deductible.

3. Mr. Jack-O-Lantern Goes Up In Flames

Just like vehicle claims, residential fires are more common around Halloween, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. What causes this? Most commonly cooking and heating, but inattentiveness to open flames, electrical malfunctions and intentional acts can also be to blame.

How insurance can help: Fire is usually ALWAYS covered under a homeowner’s policy or a renter’s policy including living expenses if you have to stay elsewhere during repairs. Under a renters policy the house is usually covered by the landlord’s policy, but you’ll need renters insurance to get reimbursed for personal belongings.

4. Dracula Steals Your Pumpkins

Decorating for Halloween is a big deal nowadays. Whether it’s the garden gnome by the tree or a life-size animatronic blow up display often times villains like to steal or destroy those items.

How insurance can help: A homeowners policy, condo, or renters insurance often provides coverage for contents. This can include items used to decorate your yard. Be sure to keep receipts and always make sure you file a policy report.

5. Monsters Roam Freely

Besides New Year’s, Halloween has the highest occurrence for pedestrian accidents. Sadly so many of these accidents involve young children. So often costumes can be difficult to see once the sun sets and children will dart away from parents. Adults that are side tracked by phones or alcohol can also cause problems.

Homeowner liability claims are also common. Did you know that when Captain America trips and falls in your yard, your insurance may have to respond?

How insurance can help: For pedestrian auto accidents your auto liability will protect you. For a trip and fall your homeowner’s liability will kick in.

Tips To Keep The Ghosts (and Claims) Away

  • Park cars in the garage or a well-lit area
  • Use battery-operated candles or glow sticks in your pumpkin
  • Get your heater checked as the weather turns cooler
  • Be cautious when driving.
  • Don’t make small claims: If your deductible is close to what the loss of property or damage is it may not be worth it in the long run to file that claim.