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Halloween Home Hints: Trick or Treat Liability

By October 28, 2015October 6th, 2020Insurance

Halloween pumpkinsWith a little less than a week to go before goblins and ghouls, princes and princesses, or a perhaps super hero or two flood the streets prepped with their buckets and bags. Their costumes are prepped and plans have been made on how much candy will be devoured before mom and dad save them from themselves. It’s almost Halloween in our neck of the woods so while everyone else is getting ready, can you say the same about your home?

Your Home’s Liability

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your home is ready to go when the trick or treaters grace your doorstep. Home defects, negligence or environmental hazards are just a few of the most common causes of injury when it comes to private property. The homeowner holds the liability for those accidents.
If someone is injured while visiting your property, your homeowner’s liability would be where coverage may be found. Some claims may not be fully paid out based off your liability limit found in your homeowners’ policy. If that is the case, the homeowner would be held financially responsible for any remaining expense that falls outside of the liability limit.

Halloween Home Preparations

If you’re planning on handing out treats or hosting a party, then it’s important that you prepare your home for all those visitors.

  • Safety first. Make sure that all walk ways or porches are properly lit.
  • Even if you’re not anticipating anyone tromping through your yard, clean it up. Pick up tools or debris in order to avoid a possible accident. Don’t forget to also make sure any family pets are secured or safe within the house.
  • Make sure it’s wrapped. Candy should be factory wrapped in it’s original container. If something looks like it’s already partially opened, make sure to dispose of it.
  • Don’t have any open flames. So many costumes are loosely fit and flammable.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween from all of us at ECI Insurance.