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How to Maintain Your Home’s Windows to Prevent Moisture Damage

By April 19, 2019October 6th, 2020Insurance

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The windows on your home bring in sunlight. They help to open up the space. They allow air to flow into the home on a hot summer day. However, they also allow moisture to enter the home. In some cases, moisture is dangerous. It is best to minimize the amount of moisture coming into the home. To do this, you need to properly maintain your windows. Here are a few things you can do to avoid having to try to file a claim with your home insurance for damage.

Notice Signs of Moisture

Most homes with at least double-pane windows should not have any moisture inside the home. If you close the window, it should not have any dripping water, sweat, or dots of moisture on the interior of the window. If it does, there may be a break someone that needs to repair. You may also notice dark spots on the window’s seals. In some cases, this is the beginning of mold buildup. This, too, needs attention.

Know the Risks

Moisture leads to mold and mildew growth. Both of these are high-risk scenarios for homes. Both substances can cause respiratory issues for those sensitive to them. They can cause many people to suffer illness when the mold spreads. Over time, it also weakens the structure of the home.

Tips for Maintaining Your Windows

To avoid this moisture from occurring, consider a few helpful tips:

  • Replace all windows if there are cracks in the glass. This is a dangerous situation where a person can suffer cuts.
  • Close the window. Look at the seal. This is a plastic strip that runs around the window’s edges. Is it tight up against the window? Is it missing? Perhaps it is no longer fitting well. You can have the seals replaced as well. This forms an air-tight cover for those areas most at risk of moisture.
  • With the window closed, run your hand along the edge of the frame. Do you feel cool air on a winter day? If so, that can indicate there are gaps present. Work to pinpoint them and repair them.

Home insurance does not cover window replacement for general maintenance and repair needs. However, it is up to you to maintain your home’s windows properly. Doing so can give you the level of protection you need. It helps keep your air quality good for your family.

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