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How To Succeed in Your New Year’s Resolutions

By January 2, 2019October 6th, 2020Insurance

Happy New Year hatConfession: I have completed 4 New Year’s resolution goals in my short life.  I lost 50 lb pounds, I started a daily devotional, I quit biting my nails, and I started journaling. While these may not sound like big deals to some these were personally huge for me. Why you might ask? Because just like everyone else, it’s hard for me to stick with something; I get overwhelmed, I get tired. If I fall off the bandwagon I feel like a failure…but trust me, if I can do it, ANYONE can. Here’s some tips and good mojo to help you keep at it. 

Be Intentional

Sounds so simple, right? Lose weight? Check. Start exercising? Check. Stop smoking? Check. All of those things sound great until you’re a month in and overwhelmed. The New Year is not about doing a complete revamp on our life. It’s about recognizing past behaviors and making small changes to get better. If you have multiple resolutions, did you know your chances of doing them all goes down significantly? I usually make one resolution to myself. I know that way it’s truly important to me and I don’t get overwhelmed with trying to recreate a completely new person. Instead I can improve the person I already am. 

Failure is Okay

We are so mean to ourselves. Did you know that most of us suck at dealing with failure from a psychological standpoint? When we fail so often we become fearful of starting again and the headtrash starts: “What will people think of me?” “I failed once, I’m just going to fail again.” “I’m just not meant to do…” None of that is true. In fact if you give up what you’re teaching yourself is that failure is the only option. Failure is okay, in fact, often times the best stories come from someone rising from the ashes. True story, I said I was going to learn Spanish last year and found myself mid-September feeling no bueno about my Spanish abilities….so I started again and guess what…I still stink, but I could survive if I had to. Failure does not define you…how you react does. 

Write it Down

Did you know if you write down your goals you’re 75% more likely to achieve them. Do it. Write it on your bathroom mirror, put it in your office, or set a daily reminder on your phone. I promise you can do it and if it’s important to you it will be worth it. 

Find Your Team or Ask for Help

All the introverts are absolutely rejecting this immediately, but hear me out. Science proves that if we find our community our success likelihood goes up! Community doesn’t have to put physically being with people. Maybe it’s an online community that encourages you, maybe it’s the other person at the gym that always calls you out when you’re not there (thanks, Felipe :-) )  Whatever is just find your people and don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re at the gym and not sure what you’re doing ask someone!  They were beginners too. Utilize books and the internet. In a world of so much knowledge ignorance is a choice!

Stop breaking those promises to yourself. You are so much better than that and I promise you can do this.