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I Bought a Motorcycle, Now What?

By June 21, 2017October 6th, 2020Insurance

Man Riding a Red Motorcycle Through the Mountains, Dressed for Cold Weather

Buying a motorcycle is an investment that comes with a lot of responsibility. Motorcycles are unique vehicles. For that reason, they need special attention.

Before you hit the road on your bike, make sure you take steps beforehand to cover your biking risks

1. Register your bike

To operate your motorcycle on Oklahoma’s roads, you have to register the bike with the state DMV. Registering your bike is similar to registering your car. The state will issue you a title, registration certification, and motorcycle tags.

Each year, you will have to renew your bike’s registration. Do not allow your bike’s registration to lapse.

2. Obtain proper operating certification

In Oklahoma, you have to have special certification to operate a motorcycle. This involves getting an M endorsement on your driver’s license. You have to pass a written, visual and driving test to get this endorsement.

You also might have to take a motorcycle safety course to get this endorsement as well. Not every Oklahoma driver has to take these courses. Ask your local DMV to see if you meet the requirements to take the course.

Yet, it is usually a good idea for new motorcycle operators to take safety courses. Motorcycle safety courses offer valuable tips and education to help you be a safe rider. Your motorcycle insurance company may even offer discounts if you complete this course.

3. Get motorcycle insurance

Oklahoma requires most motorcycle riders to carry certain minimum levels of liability insurance:

  • $25,000 personal injury coverage
  • $50,000 per accident coverage
  • $25,000 property damage coverage

Motorcycle insurance is a valuable asset for all riders. This coverage can help protect your financial and personal safety in case of an accident. Motorcycle insurance can often cover collision damages, injuries and damages to other people.

You often need higher insurance levels than the state minimum. Therefore, talk to you insurance agent before buying. He or she can help issue you the right levels of coverage.

4. Know your bike

The most important thing you need to do before riding is learn about your bike. Read your bike’s insurance paperwork, operator’s manual and safety tips before riding. Remember to take a safety course if you need it.

Furthermore, take care to properly protect your own safety. Invest in a helmet, padding and special clothing to protect you from injury risks while you ride.

Lastly, have a professional inspect your bike before you ride it for the first time. Inspection can reveal any hidden faults before you register the bike and hit the road.

We’ve got you covered. ECI Agency, Inc. is here to help you get Oklahoma City motorcycle insurance to meet your needs. Call us at (405) 373-2977 for more information.