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Oklahoma Telemedicine/Telehealth- Basics You Need to Know

Blog - Oklahoma Telemedicine/Telehealth- Basics You Need to Know If you’ve lived through the year 2020 then I’m sure your world has been dramatically changed just like millions of other Oklahomans and Americans. This is especially true when it comes to safe solutions for medical Dr. visits during this time of a global pandemic. That’s where telehealth or telemedicine has come into play.

Telemedicine is a fairly new player when it comes to health options, but with mandated quarantines, it has been a life saver. Here’s all your burning questions about telemedicine.

What is the Difference between Telehealth and Telemedicine

Good question. Depending on the facility these two terms may be used interchangeably. That’s not always the case though. In many worlds, Telehealth has evolved to create a broader capacity for medical services that you may need while Telemedicine is generally going to treat generic problems like fevers, strep, UTIs, and things of those nature that you may visit an urgent care for.

What Is Telehealth or Telemedicine?

Both Oklahoma telehealth and Oklahoma Telemedicine will offer a virtual or digital solution to consulting with a health professional. With 95% of Americans owning a smartphone, solutions to your healthcare of been leveraged with that knowledge.

For Telemedicine, my own personal experience was very simple and straight forward. By logging onto my health insurance app (which most health insurance companies have developed now,) I was able to schedule a phone visit. Within 15 minutes, I had spoken to a licensed medical professional on the phone, explained my symptoms and the doctor prescribed the treatment into my pharmacy. There is usually an option for phone or video conference, depending on what you need them to advise on.

For Telehealth it may be a little different. Depending on the facility and ailment, you may still have to physically go to a place. After being checked in with a nurse, your doctor consultation may be virtual on an iPad or screen at the facility. There are also Telehealth visits that don’t require you to go to a physical location, it all depends on the facility and their procedures.

Advantages of a Telehealth Visit

Telehealth can provide a more private and confidential method for specialty consults. For example, in some small town’s patients have stated that if they visit a specialty clinic, it is easy for others in the community to recognize their vehicle, and therefore know about the kind of treatment they need. Telehealth is provided in a hospital or clinic, where patients are seen for numerous conditions. The telehealth clinic itself even offers more than one specialty, so your privacy is protected.

Telemedicine can also be a much easier accessible solution for health issues for those in rural Oklahoma. There are many places that the commute to a health care facility could be a length amount of time. Oklahoma Telemedicine or Telehealth could potentially help save you time and money.

Insurance Coverage

In Oklahoma, Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna treat telehealth visits the same as in-office visits. If your insurance plan covers the specialty, then it covers your telehealth visit. The exact same codes are used for billing.

An additional benefit that many insurance companies have thrown in due to COVID-19 is no requirement to pay a typical office visit copay. These copays often range anywhere from $10- $100. This can save a small chunk of change over time.

As Oklahoma Open Enrollment for 2021 begins — Medicare begins on October 15th and Health insurance on November 1st—Telemedicine is going to be a huge bonus going forward. If you’re curious about solutions for your personal or business group health insurance, ECI Insurance can offer the easiest solution to getting quotes. Visit our website at WWW.ECIAGENCY.COM or call or text us 405-373-2977 and we can make it happen.

Written by: Avery Moore