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Preventing Mold in the Attic

By April 26, 2016October 6th, 2020Insurance

Leaking roofThe roof of your home is an essential part of the structure and any damage to it can cause structural damage right down to the foundation. The problem is, you do not see the roof often. You probably don’t think about it too often either. Nevertheless, the roof faces a wide range of risks from the weather and other damage such as falling trees. One of the biggest risks to your roof is water. Protecting your home from water damage, which not only weakens the structure but also leads to the buildup of mold, is essential.

Routine Inspections are Necessary

Perhaps the first and most important step for homeowners is to have their roof inspected on an annual basis at least. This will provide the highest level of protection for the homeowner in preventing water damage, especially damage that gets into the roof’s foundation and under shingles. Having a licensed roofing company inspect your roof for damage should happen in the spring and fall.

Get Into the Attic

Take a flashlight and head into the attic. With the lights out, do you notice any holes or areas where the sun is getting into the space? This could signal an area where water can also get into your space. It’s best to also touch the walls and flooring to look for areas of moisture. Often times, water will run down the beams and hide very easily from plain view. Nevertheless, it could end up under your insulation and in your ceilings.

Look for Signs of Leaks

There are various other ways to spot leaks.

  • Does the attic smell musty?
  • Do you have stains on the ceilings or walls of your home that you cannot explain?
  • Do you notice your paneling, floorboards or other materials warping?
  • Is there peeling wallpaper or paint noticeable?
  • Do you see missing tiles or shingles from your roof?

If you spot any of these concerns, talk to a roofer. In some cases, your home insurance can help to cover the damage. However, this depends on the cause and if routine maintenance was lacking and therefore, the cause of the damage. Protecting your home means looking for water leaks regularly.

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