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Understanding Your Options for Yukon Health Insurance

By September 18, 2015October 6th, 2020Insurance

Health InsuranceWith open enrollment approaching, it’s time to consider what health benefits will work for your family. As health insurance options change across the United States, you have more options to choose from, which is great for you and your family. Of course, all options aren’t available to everyone. You should consider the following ways to purchase health insurance this year to ensure you choose the best option for your family. Yukon residents can get help by calling our agency at (405) 373-2977.

Purchase Health Insurance Through Your Employer

Employer-provided health insurance plans continue to be one of the most attractive options for health benefits. By purchasing insurance through their employer, people have a convenient way to pay for the plan and they can re-enroll with ease each year. 

As the health insurance environment changes, it’s important to review this option each year, rather than simply agreeing to the plan you had the year before. In fact, you may want to consider other health insurance options beyond your employer to ensure you are getting the best option for your family.

Get Health Insurance from Your Insurance Agent

Many insurance agents provide their customers with a range of insurance products, including health insurance. Purchasing insurance from an insurance agent is considered purchasing outside of the Marketplace, but there are many benefits to this, including having more choices of providers.

Purchase Health Insurance Through the Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act created the Health Insurance Marketplace, where individuals who qualify may be eligible to purchase a health insurance plan. With this health insurance option, the lower your income, the more likely you are to save money by purchasing the plan. 

With the exception of an employer-sponsored plan, some insurance agents can provide you with information about purchasing insurance with their insurance partners and through the Marketplace. If you are considering all three avenues this year, working with a licensed professional can expedite the process and help you get a better understanding of the options that are available to you. 

Learn more about your options today. Call at 405-373-2977 for more information on 73099 health insurance.

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