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What to Expect During Your Annual Checkup

By February 26, 2019October 6th, 2020Insurance

Health documentsMost health insurance plans for 2019 rolled over on January 1. That means you have a whole new slate of coverage, and an entire year to use it. Since you can now receive coverage for most, if not all your care costs, what is your reason for not going to the doctor? An annual checkup can prove a great benefit, and it almost always has insurance coverage. Let’s talk a little more about how important it is to have a regular checkup with a primary care provider.

Standard medical checkups have full coverage almost uniformly across the insurance world industry. Don’t put off making an appointment today.

The Importance of a Regular Checkup

Sure, when you get sick, you need to see a doctor. But, that’s not the only service a physician can provide. They can also see you when you feel well. That itself can help you stay well, and even avoid serious illness or chronic issues.

This is a practice called preventive care. It centers on the concept that if you see a doctor regularly, they’ll have a better idea of your overall health. That way, they can take a close look at you in a familiar manner. They will be able to notice changes in your health and could catch small problems before they worsen. This screening, along with any treatments, can help keep patients healthier longer.

Your Insurance Benefits

If you have health insurance, you can usually use your policy to pay for the costs of your visit to the doctor. In most cases, your plan will pay for almost 100 percent of the services offered during a checkup. You might be able to receive at little or no cost:

  • Blood pressure and heart strength testing
  • Cholesterol monitoring
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Standard medical exams
  • Diet counseling
  • Lab work
  • Depression screenings
  • HIV and other STI testing and counseling
  • Tuberculosis screenings
  • Alcohol and drug use screenings
  • Certain cancer testing

Every plan varies, however. You might face some costs based on the services provided and the physician you visit. Usually, you will need to see a doctor within your plan’s network. This will guarantee you receive the highest coverage and lowest personal costs.

Don’t forget to ask your doctor if any of the tests or services they will perform don’t have coverage under your plan. They will likely know the answer or will confer with your insurer before proceeding. That way, you can guarantee you can afford to visit the doctor in 2019.