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Why Invest in Door and Window Sensors for Your Home?

By November 29, 2018October 6th, 2020Insurance

Home security systemProtecting your home is always important. One way to do so is to install door and window sensors. These are small devices located near or on these areas that detect when they open. Most are a key part of a home security system. When in place, they provide a simple and straightforward way to know when someone opens the door that should not. Here is how they can help with home insurance, too.

Adding Security Means More Protection for Your Family

The main reason to invest in any type of door or window sensor, or a home security system, is to increase safety for your family. It is not hard to see how this can benefit you. If someone were to try to open the door to a bedroom, for example, you immediately learn of the intrusion. You can then act properly. Imagine receiving an alert on your phone that someone opened your child’s bedroom window. You could instantly be there to make sure everything was okay.

Why Insurance Companies Care

Most home insurance companies want you to take steps to both deter and to handle emergencies in the best manner possible. A home security system does both. It allows you to learn of a risk and handle it immediately. This possibly can reduce any claim you need to file. It also works as a warning. Most door sensors are visible enough that a would-be thief can see its presence. This means he or she is likely to move on to another target.

A Few Tips for Choosing Them

Some home insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for these types of systems. Before you choose one, consider a few tips:

  • Some advanced models work by turning on and off when you open the door with a key. Some allow you to carry a fob that automatically turns off the alarm if you are near it.
  • Some allow you to have remote monitoring. Look for those with phone-based apps so you can check in and receive alerts no matter where you are.
  • The most advanced security systems allow for remote home monitoring from a professional organization. These can alert police if detection occurs.

Finding the right home security system for your needs is important. Do not overlook the value of selecting a policy fitting to your needs and your budget. Then, let your Oklahoma city home insurance agent know about it.